FOXPRO's new Bowfire was designed to be the most advanced and user-friendly bowfishing light in the market. With its patented 3 colors in one led selection, switching colors has never been easier! Why the need to quickly switch colors? Depending on water conditions, whether murky or clear, different hues of white light will work and penetrate better. With competitor lights, you will need to unscrew the LED modules to change the hue. The Bowfire is as easy as turning the selector switch to quickly adapt to changing water conditions. The Bowfire gives you 2 on/off methods. The first is a constant on/off for constant light. The second is a momentary on/off, which works better for fish that are light sensitive. And the dimmer controls allow you to control the intensity of the light for the best brightness for water conditions. The spot to flood feature allow you to adjust the beam of the light, so whether you are bowfishing from the banks, or on a boat where extended range is needed for fish further away, the Bowfire has you covered. High capacity Lithium Ion battery and charger included for extended run times. The FOXPRO Bowfire is backed by a 3 year LED replacement warranty, a 1 year tail cap and accessories warranty, and FOXPRO's unmatched customer support.