Kipawa 314


Kipawa 314
This propeller has a 3 1/4" Hub


Fits These Motor Models:
35a, 35Ta, 65Ta, 40TA, 35T, 50T, 50MXT, 65T, 65TA, 555T, 55Ta, 565T, 565Ta, 30AT, 33AT, 36TA, 36AT/H, 40AT/H, 365T, 365Ta, 365TMB, 765T, 765MT, 765MXT, 765MXTa, 865T, 865MXTa, 665T, 665MXT, 30EX, 36EX, RT27/S, RT36/S, RT40/S, 36PD/C, 36PD/AP/C, 40PD, 40AP, ENDURA: 30/34/36/38/40, ENDURA PRO 38, 40AT, 40T/H, MAX30T, MAX36T, MAX40T, POWERMAX 30, POWER 36, VECTOR 40, Classic 28, Edge 45, Edge 45/H, Endura 30, Endura 36, Endura 38, Endura 40, Endura 45, RT40/SC, Endura Pro 32, Endura Pro 38, 45PD V2, RT45/SC/T, Traxxis 45/SC, Traxxis 45, 
Endura C2 30, Endura C2 45

The Kipawa Advantage :

*Improves Navigability

*Increases the area of water covered

*Ability to move craft in windy conditions

*More distance traveled per battery charge

*Increase speed by 10%-15% on average

*99% weed free