• Muzzy Tournament Reel


    Muzzy Bowfishing Tournament Reel

    Improvedd Elongated Hood - Larger opening for smoother line flow - Line lubrication slots 

    Duall Stainless Steel Pickup Pins Carbon Fiber Handle with Larger Foam Grips 

    One-Wayy Bearing Anti-Reverse System 

    Increasedd Durability and Performance 
    When money is on the line or it’s time to “get it done” the new Muzzy Tournament reel is purpose built for big action. This heavy-duty spin cast style reel features Muzzy’s renowned elongated hood with an increased opening and slots for line lubricant. The dual stainless steel pickup pins aid in lighting fast retrieval while a carbon fiber handle with larger foam grips deliver extra leverage and comfort for ultra-fast uptake of line. By updating the classic anti-reverse system to a one way bearing, users can now expect extended reel life with the same great feel expected from a Muzzy Reel.